About US



Park Avenue Gold Exchange is a precious metals broker that helps people to exchange old, unwanted, or broken gold jewelry for cash or for investment grade gold. Unlike a pawnshop, or even an upscale jewelry store, we don’t have the high overhead costs of a pawn or retail business so can offer exceptionally good prices for the types of gold transactions we specialize in
(often more then DOUBLE what a pawnshop pays and 20% more than local jewelers on average). We don’t make offers for your jewelry based on things like whether or not we think you know what your items are actually worth or how low of an offer we think you’ll accept, and you won’t have to haggle with us for a fair price. We assist you by valuing your items right in front of you during a private consultation, and if you choose to sell gold to us we will pay a set percentage of the Spot Price for gold at the time of your appointment. For more information on the prices we pay, visit the Our Prices page.