Gold Price Crash Course


Never be confused by gold prices again! Park Avenue Gold Exchange’s Gold Price Crash Course is here to help: Introduction: Units of Measurement Used In Gold Pricing The first step in understanding gold pricing is understanding the units of measurement that are used in weighing and valuing gold. Gold prices are determined by the world’s […]

Increases in Gold Buying Competition in Lee County

Gold Buying

Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and Bonita Springs: competition increases offers of “We Buy Gold” and “Sell Gold” We’ve all seen them, and in recent times we’ve all been seeing more and more of them – signs and advertisements everywhere proclaiming: “We buy gold,” and “Sell gold here, highest price!” Are you ever shocked by how […]

The Choice Is Clear


What is a gold exchange service? Park Avenue Gold Exchange is a precious metals broker that helps people to exchange old, unwanted, or broken gold jewelry for cash or for investment grade gold. Unlike a pawnshop, or even an upscale jewelry store, we don’t have the high overhead costs of a pawn or retail business […]