Diamond Technology Demonstrations

Park Ave Gold Exchange has always had a philosophy of using technology to show customers exactly what they are selling, ensuring that customers can make well educated decisions and get the highest prices for their valuables. The videos on this page are here to demonstrate the technologies Park Ave Gold Exchange uses when assisting customers who are selling diamonds.


The Colibri is used to verify the GIA Color Grade that has been assigned to a diamond during its certification. Many customers find it much easier to rely on this device rather than to try to match the diamond’s color visually to example stones in a master color palette as color grading is traditionally done. The Colibri will also detect any florescence in the diamond if any is present in addition to grading its color.


The DiaScan does a three-dimensional scan of a diamond and maps its angles and dimensions. This is done to examine the Cut of the diamond, one of the 4 Cs of diamond grading discussed in our Diamond Education. The DiaScan generates a report that will verify the GIA Cut Grade that has been assigned to a stone and provide detailed information about how the diamond has been crafted.


The SpeckFinder is a magnification and digital imaging device that allows customers to comfortably see closeups of their diamond on a computer monitor magnified up to 85x or larger. The device also permits the jeweler to make notes and highlights right on the image and save the images to email to the customer. This makes understanding the clarity of a diamond and any inclusions or minor defects it may have much easier for a customer than looking through a little magnifying loop and allows them to verify the information GIA certificates provide about a certified diamond they are purchasing from Certified Diamond Brokers.