More Accurate Testing Saves You Money!

We’re the only Precious Metals Dealer in Central Florida that has the technology to show you exactly what you’re selling. Also, scroll down to see Leslye Gale’s endorsement of Park Avenue Gold Exchange and a feature report by Local 6 News in Orlando as well!

Winter Park, FL – Serving the Orlando Area

 Park Avenue Gold utilizes an XRF Spectrometer to test clients’ gold items rather than the less precise acid and electrical conductivity tests used by most jewelers and pawn shops. The Spectrometer uses x-ray radiation to test the actual metallic composition of the item tested, so it won’t just tell you what Karat value your gold item has but also the exact percentage or every other metal that has been blended with the gold to make the item! In this video, Chris Roberts of Park Avenue Gold demonstrates how much more precise this technology is than the traditional acid test and why the acid test can produce results that cause you to be paid less for your gold than you should be! At Park Avenue Gold Exchange, you’ll get the most accurate valuation and best price for your gold.

Local News 6 Orlando

Local 6 News Orlando recently visited Park Avenue Gold Exchange in Winter Park to talk about how customers are rushing to sell their old gold jewelry and other items at record gold prices and how Park Avenue Gold Exchange uses superior technology to ensure customers they are getting best price for their valuables. Watch their feature report above.

Leslye Gale Endorses Park Avenue Gold Exchange

Leslye Gale, the former CBS TV Anchor at WKMG and current host of the Magic 107.7 Morning Show, recently endorsed Park Avenue Gold Exchange as the only place she would trust to sell her own gold. See her endorsement here!