You Can Now Sell Diamonds at Park Ave Gold Exchange

Park Ave Gold Exchange customers are already used to the way that Park Ave Gold Exchange uses technology to show customers exactly what metals and quantities they are selling when dealing with gold, silver, and platinum; however, customers may not realize that Park Ave Gold Exchange can also buy diamonds for customers who are interested in selling diamonds they want to exchange for cash.

As with the precious metals business we’ve built our reputation on, we’ve invested in technology that allows our customers to thoroughly understand the qualities and characteristics of the diamonds they are selling.


How it helps our customers


DiaScan & DiaVision

This is a 3D imaging technology that scans a diamond and automatically grades its Cut and provides a wealth of information about the diamond’s characteristics.


The SpeckFinder

The SpeckFinder is a digital imaging system that allows Park Ave Gold Exchange staff to present you with magnified images of your diamond magnified up to 85x and information about its Clarity! The system allows the user to make notations on the image, for instance to point out where inclusions or other minor imperfections might reside inside a diamond.


The Colibri™

This amazing little device will grade a diamond’s color and measure its fluorescence. You just place the diamond inside, close the lid, run the algorithms, and the Colibri will grade the diamond’s color and fluorescence by the grading standard you’ve selected, including GIA grading.